Dice Wars Online Beta Release!

EingradĀ° is proud to announce its first multiplayer App for the Android market!
Dice Wars Online is a strategy game with a lot of cool features.

Dice against people around the world and win achievements for your personalized avatar!


Dice Wars Online is available to all Android Smartphones for FREE!
Get the first Beta release now from the Android Market Place!

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Jeff @ July 1, 2010 11:15

Hi Eingrad,

I love your games! I particularly like your new Dice Wars game :-) I would however recommend one change:

In stead of dealing out extra dice blocks on the third turn starting with the first player, deal out extra dice blocks after the first turn, starting with the second player. This will diminish the (strong) advantage the first player had over the second player.

A little example to explain:

The first player starts with conquering some countries, which gives him the advantage. The second player defends and after losing countries to the first player, has a disadventage in taking back those countries and conquering countries from the first player.

After his third turn, the first player gets additional dice blocks. At the start of the third turn of the second player, he has an extra disavantage because he must fight against the first players original dice blocks, which are aided by the additional dice blocks.

I hope you understand what I’m trying to make clear :-)

Keep it up!



Stan @ July 7, 2010 22:26

Hi Eingrad,

I have been playing a flash version of this game for years, but it had no multiplayer functionality. I have not run into too many bugs other than connections with the ad server.

I would like to make a feature request for future versions. I think if you start, a game that is greater than 2 player, you should be able to start with fewer players. You could do this either by letting the person who created the game choose or make it a simple vote. I play few games with 4-5 players because people join and get tired of waiting. However I would love to play in those big games.


Ryan @ July 20, 2010 00:36

I have been playing the game for a few months and I love it. I noticed one player (JMAN23) is all of a sudden collecting 10K points a day. I suspect he is cheating, or playing a 5 player game with 4 other guests he is controlling. Can you please check into this unfair play?

Thanks in advance,

Cabong @ June 7, 2011 17:34

I love this game. I have been playing it on my Motorola Milestone (Droid) for a year. I have just changed my phone to a Motorola Atrix (also running Froyo – Android 2.2) and this game doesn’t even start running. The major difference between both phones is the screen resolution and processor speed. Could you please check it?



Asgerrr @ December 18, 2011 18:35

Hi Eingrad
Dicewars is a great game! I used to play it online in the single player version and now I am a regular on my android.
Here is my list of ideas:

- make it possible to play oneplayer on the app version! often there are not enough players even for a 2p game and the 1p option could make people stay and wait for opponents longer!
- the 1p version should work with out webaccess too

-Make more maps! or allow users to make their own maps! (grow the community!)

-a profanity filter might be an idea..

-is the app connected game available online on PC or mac as well? if not that might be a way to get more players!

- keep it free! (make donations possible)

Love the way u can change ur “avatar” maybe u should let users contribute w ideas as well? (where are the beards btw?)

last but most annoying.. when the game tips..when one player gains the upper hand and it is clear that he is going to win.. the last part of the game becomes a tiresome grind.. maybe the game needs an option of I dunno action cards or something to lighten up the grind?

Keep up the good work!


Erez @ January 15, 2012 22:09

Hi Eingrad,
At last! an online multiplayer DiceWars. Way to go!

I love it, yet it still has its rough edges and can be much better.
Here are a few pointers:

- There is usually nobody to play against. Have an AI bots fill the gap in these cases, and make clear it is a bot so ppl won’t try to friend with it : )

- When you enter to lobby of the game you get to see who is logged to the game and ask specific players to join. If not, how can I meet my friends for a match?

- Arrange the order of the players after all players are seated and not before or else the first person to star the match will arrange from him to be first

- The two turns withour reenforcment are kinda pointless. maybe the suggestion by the guy above will do a better job. another option is to give a fixed number of dice on the first two rounds, regardless of you teritory.

- Allow players to quit and leave without penlty of no points. what is fun in watching everybody playing and you dying?

- The chat option is not that great the way it is because it takes you out of the game and take forever to type by smartphone. Have predefined messages in addition to the free text, like “good luck all”, “I am loosing..” or “good game”. That will ease things up.

- You have a bug of showing a idle game where there is none (when you try to join you can not).

Keep making it better and thanks for the game!

Diana @ April 11, 2012 22:13

Has Dice Wars been cancelled? Every time I go to start a new game, a message saying No Games Found comes up. It’s been like this for a couple days and I know it’s not a problem with my phone or internet. Any details on this will be appreciated. Thanks!

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